6 Idioms related to “Books”

Today, I’m posting an interesting infographic. Infographic are a visual way of learning English or just about anything. I think they are one of the best ways to learn language.

Here, I am giving you 6 idioms related to books. Use these idioms to spark up your English when you talk to a native speaker. Even in your exams, you can use them in context.


6 daily converation idioms with books

Idioms with Books brought to you by IELTSResource.com


hit the books: This idiomatic expression is often used to say that you should start studying subjects seriously.

It’s just a week before our exams start. We should start hitting the books.


cook the books: This expression is used when someone manipulates the data of the finance of a company or any other official document.

The stock prices increased before they came to know that the accounts manager had cooked the books.


Don’t judge a book by its cover: One should not form an opinion about a person or a thing just by looking at its surface because after having a deeper look inside, we can see a different persona or thing than what we might have expected

In this superficial world, we cannot trust anyone as people often change their attitudes. We need to be more sensible and should not judge a book by its cover.


have every trick in the book: This is often used to emphasise that one is fully skilled or qualified to crack a problem, this is used as an admiration.

Don’t worry, he is quite skilled. He has every trick in the book to solve this mystery.


to be an open book: someone or something that is easy to understand

You can easily understand his feelings. He is an open book.


take a leaf out of someone’s book: This is used when you advise someone to follow a successful person.

There are many successful businessman in the world and if you really want to be that popular, you can simply take a leaf out of their book to be successful.


Do you know any other book-related idioms? Please share them in comments if you have some other idioms.

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