Academic Reading: Free practice material

Academic Reading : Different types of questions

Academic reading is little different from the General Training module exam and it tests slightly different skills as it is intended for prospective students. Academic tests are in general more scientific and conceptual in structure.

Improve your English reading skills

However, both tests require some of the common strategies for study and therefore, while practising you should not ignore one kind of reading and only practise your module tests. It is advisable to practise all kinds of materials as long as they are official.

Here are some practice material from the web page of Answers to these questions can be found at the bottom of the file.

Diagram labelling

Matching Information

Identifying Writer’s views

Matching Features

Paragraph Headings

Multiple choice questions

Table completion


I hope this will clarify you about what kind of questions you may have to answer in the IELTS Reading test.

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