Are handwriting important in IELTS?

In IELTS, generally the candidates are assessed based on their English abilities and skills. However, examiners undergo so much stress while assessing your papers and they will have to check variety of handwriting. They become extremely bored when they find a paper with horrible writing.

Put yourself in their position. If you’re given two papers. One with excellent writing and another with horrible handwriting. Which one would you prefer to read? The same happens with examiners.

In certain circumstances, candidates write so badly that their writing becomes almost illegible. Sometimes, examiners may misunderstand a particular word or phrase and the meaning of the sentence changes altogether.

Importance of Handwriting and how to improve it

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How can you improve your handwriting?

Practice is the key again. You need to write daily one paragraph if you’re having horrible writing.

– Give your writing to others (friends or colleagues) else to read. Ask them which words did they find difficult. Which letters they’re not able to read easily. Learn from their suggestions.

– Read your writing and check the alignment of the letters.

– Look at the space between words.

– See the size of your writing. Your writing should be properly sized.

– It is not necessary to write cursive writing. If you’re not comfortable with cursive writing, avoid them.

Write everything in your routine life. Don’t just type with cell phone or laptop.

Here is an article with practical suggestions to improve your handwriting.

The Guardian

Remember again, practice is the key.

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