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Past IELTS question 11 October 2008 – Ireland

This is what was asked in an IELTS test taken in Ireland in the month of October 2008 for General Training module. Writing Questions: Task 1 An advertisement was published in a newspaper. Write a letter to apply for this job. Task 2 Teachers should always be stricter with students. Some people think that this situation would be better for students; other, however, think that having a friendly relationship with teachers is much better. What is your opinion on this matter?

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Past IELTS question in India – October 2008

Thank you very much Ankit Mishra from India for sharing this question with us on our e-mail address. Writing Task questions: Task1 In the task 1, we were asked to write a report from two pie charts. These two charts had two different headings like “types of language training for employees” and  another one about “Purposes for learning a foreign language”. I think it was easier for me as it was pie chart and we simply needed to write the given information with some comparison.   Speaking Describe a festival that people in your country like to celebrate. – Which festival it is – When do you get this festival …

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