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Should I read the passage first or the questions?

This post answers IELTS reading question whether a candidate should read the passage first or the questions to answer reading questions. Which is the better method?

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Recent IELTS Questions from 31 January 2015

IELTS Questions from 31st January 2015 Here are some of the questions asked in the IELTS examination all over the world. Thank you very much for all test takers who shared their experience with us.   IELTS in USA (Academic) Here are the questions asked in the USA. Writing Task1: This was a bar chart comparing the percentage of population over 60 in different continents between the years 2000 and 2050. Writing Task2: The economic growth in developing and developed countries are making people richer. However the research indicates that people in the developing countries is happier than people in developed countries. What is your opinion on this? Task 1 …

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10 Common English Grammar mistakes

Most common English Grammar mistakes   Today, I ‘m simply posting a handy infographic from Grammar.Net. In this infographic, they have enlisted 10 most common grammar mistakes that learners tend to make. [Infographic provided by]   Now, let’s review these mistakes. 1. Apostrophe: Always remember the difference between contraction and apostrophe. More often students confuse possessive forms with apostrophe. For example, they tend to use its instead of it’s. 2. Comma after introductory phrases: Many phrases that are used as linkers follow a comma. Some of these linkers are: – for example – according to me – to summarise – to encapsulate – firstly, secondly, thirdly, …., finally – …

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Recent IELTS Questions on 29 January 2015

Recent IELTS questions in January 2015 In this blog post, I’m sharing recent IELTS questions asked in January 2015. These are the questions asked on 29 January 2015 all over the world. IELTS in Australia Thank you very much Cynthia for sharing your questions. She took her IELTS test on 29 January in Sydney, Australia and here is what she has to say about her experience. Writing Task 1 Questions The writing task 1 was a diagram about the stages of producing canned fruits (pears), it involved hand picking, to factory, weighting/grading, cold storage, peeling, cutting, add juice/syrup, sealing, cooking/sterilising, cooling, packaging and delivery to the supermarket. It was a …

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Advice: Listen for specific information

Listening advice: How to Listen for Specific information? The first step to better listening is to listen to the specific information. In the first section of the IELTS exams, you may find form-filling exercise which asks for specific information like date, numbers, subjects, etc. When answering these type of exercise, keep these points in mind. The answers always follow the sequence. Pay attention to the speakers, who is information-seeker and who is information provider. Usually, you will find that the conversation is between a man and a woman. This makes it easier for you to follow. Underline the keywords. What information is required in a given question? Listen to the …

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