Academic Task 1: Bar Chart video

Today, this is my first post about Academic task 1 and today I want to show you a simple video. It is describing a bar chart but later I have noted some of the important vocabulary from the video. I want you to follow the same strategies with all task 1 answers you find here as well as with some of the videos I post here.

two-thirds – a different way of saying nearly 66%

quarter – nearly 25%

South Koreans ranked at the bottom.

All other European countries had lower rates too.

In Germany, the rate hardly changed.

In American, the rate barely changed.

Did you notice the above phrases?

One of the requirements of the academic task 1 is that you make comparisons. This is particularly true for bar charts, pie charts, tables and line graphs. So, it is important to know different ways to compare and different ways to comparing.

Here, I have noted only a few but upcoming lessons will include more of such comparative language.

Enjoy this video. Watch it at least twice not only to learn comparative language but also as a listening exercise.

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