Listening: Birth of good ideas

In IELTS, it is usually a good idea to listen to English, not just for IELTS examination but the general English that we come across in real life.

I always suggest my students to learn new words by watching some exciting videos with such animation and here today, I’m posting one such video which I actually used in one of my classes. This video is short and informative and more importantly, candidates find it interesting.

The birth of great ideasImage by Justin Lewis (Gettyimages)


Let’s collect some of the vocabulary that you find in this listening video.

Let’s watch this video

This is an excellent video with so many good phrases. Try to learn them and use them.

Some Important Phrases:

intrinsically interested in

from environmental perspective

have historically led to

recurring patterns

a moment of great insight

take a long time to evolve

dormant in the background

the history of innovation cases

have a full vision for

come into being

need time to incubate

figure out a way to create

sheds light on

are we getting overwhelmed with

multitasking lifestyle

exchange ideas

These are just a few to note down. There are many more and you can surely note them in your notebook of vocabulary. Make a list of these phrases and watch this video once again.


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