Building Vocabulary: learn words in phrases

Native speakers never try to remember English words. They learn these words naturally by using them in different phrases and they automatically find out the meanings of these words automatically as they hear or read these words.

You should also follow the same steps to learn new words in phrases otherwise, if you try the old traditional way of memorizing those words, you will feel tired and stressed. You will become bored with English language very quickly.

Learn vocabulary in phrases

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Use collocations to help you remember.

For example, let’s say you do not know the meaning of “stringent”. You should search the meaning in dictionary and find out the meaning but that will not help you remember. What you should really do is that you should find out certain collocations.

Which words go with stringent?

Stringent rules

Stringent policies

Stringent regulations

These collections of words will help you remember this word long term and they will always come together whenever you’re trying to use in English conversation. Obviously, this means you will be using more language and it’s the natural English.

I’m planning to post collocation series in which I would post different collocation related to a word and help you learn new words in phrases.

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