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This section is specifically for General Training module candidates. Those students who are taking IELTS – General Training module will have Letter Writing in the Writing Task 1. This is similar to e-mail correspondences in real life conditions. In this section, we will learn formal and informal letter writing.

IELTS Writing task marking explained

This blog post explains how IELTS writing is scored by the examiner. Examiners are given four criteria based on which they give bands out of 9.0 and finally the score is averaged and rounded off. These four criteria are explained here in brief. This post also includes public version of Writing band descriptor which may be helpful in that they can help you learn the skills you need for your target band score.

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IELTS Letter Writing: Tone of the letter

Learn the different styles of letter writing. The writing tone varies depending on the person you’re writing to and certainly it can create a huge impact on the effectiveness of the letter. Learn the greeting words at the beginning and at the end for these three types of letters.

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