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Listening skill is very important in IELTS not only for IELTS Listening but also in real academic conditions. This section deals with IELTS listening tests and gives you tips and tricks to score maximum in IELTS Listening section.

IELTS Listening exercise: Fill in the gaps – Solutions Approach

Try this IELTS listening exercise based on “the solutions approach”. In this exercise, you’ll hear three minute talk over different way of approaching a solution.

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IELTS Listening: English as a global language

This is a TED talk about English mania. This talk is presented by one of the most influential person around the world, Jay Walker. This man has made a huge name and has lots of patents on his name. He’s using some excellent vocabulary here in this speech. So, Let’s listen and learn some new English expressions.

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Advice: Listen for specific information

Listening advice: How to Listen for Specific information? The first step to better listening is to listen to the specific information. In the first section of the IELTS exams, you may find form-filling exercise which asks for specific information like date, numbers, subjects, etc. When answering these type of exercise, keep these points in mind. The answers always follow the sequence. Pay attention to the speakers, who is information-seeker and who is information provider. Usually, you will find that the conversation is between a man and a woman. This makes it easier for you to follow. Underline the keywords. What information is required in a given question? Listen to the …

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IELTS Listening: Great speech by Steve Jobs

This blog post gives a video of Steve Jobs with his memorable speech to students about his life. How he became successful. It’s all about his perspectives of life.

Learn some key vocabulary at the end.

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Listening: Birth of good ideas

This is a short video about how to collect vocabulary but I’m sure that you will find this video helpful and interesting because it is something that everyone wants to get in their career or in their life.

So, enjoy the video and learn some useful phrases.

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