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Listening skill is very important in IELTS not only for IELTS Listening but also in real academic conditions. This section deals with IELTS listening tests and gives you tips and tricks to score maximum in IELTS Listening section.

British Council official listening test

In this post, I have posted direct links to official british council website with their official question paper. This post is only about listening test.

This is one of the practice tests you will find on this website.

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Listening: How great leaders drive action

This blog post gives you a video about how marketing giants drive action and meanwhile I also explain some of the key vocabulary in the video.

So, enjoy the video and learn.

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Improve listening with Youtube

This blog post is basically a listening exercise but here I’m not giving you any question sheet. Actually, I want you to learn few new words with these listening and I want you to identify some important words. So, listen to video and read the transcript at the same time.

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IELTS Listening: Different ways of saying numbers

Today, I have written about how numbers are spoken in English. There are many ways of speaking numbers and definitely you should be aware of all of them. Not only for IELTS but because you’re going to move to an English speaking country so it is essential for your routine life.

So, learn and enjoy. Please share if you really liked my post.

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IELTS Listening tip: Listen to simple podcast

Listening that are not exactly exam-oriented are the best way to improve your listening score. Practise listening to materials that are not really test but those that are real English. This post gives link to elementary podcasts that may be helpful in improving listening skills.

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