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Speaking is probably the easiest, but for some students it’s like a nightmare. This is due to lack of practice. In this section, I will teach you how to practice on your own or in groups. I will also provide some useful phrases and tenses to use in the speaking section to impress the examiner.

Why does examiner record the speaking test?

This blog post solves one of your normal query related to why my speaking test is recorded? You might feel nervous if you do not know the exact answer for this. In fact, many of the candidates who prepare themselves may not be aware of this. So, here are some reasons why it is recorded.

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How is IELTS speaking marked?

This post explains how IELTS speaking is marked. There are four main criteria which determines candidates’ speaking skills and these four criteria are explained in detail. This post also links to speaking band descriptor which explains the difference between different band levels.

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Practice Speaking on your own

Learn to practise your speaking skills on your own. Although this is not really the best method, still you can improve gradually with this method. When there is no one around to talk to, probably this is one of the best alternatives to practise English speaking skills

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