Common Mistakes with articles

We had a lesson about articles and I think it’s time to review that lesson. There are some mistakes that students make in writing and speaking and I’m trying to point out some of the more common mistakes here.


Confusions about articles

English grammar Articles

1. He has a good knowledge of English.

What’s the problem here? Yes, it’s an uncountable noun, so there will not be any article

He has good knowledge of English.

2. Krausia is such a honest person

Krausia is such an honest person.

3. My project leader is an Indian.

My project leader is Indian (Before adjective no article, Indian is noun as well as adjective but here it is used as an adjective.)

We have an Indian project leader.

She is pursuing a M.S degree in Structural Engineering.

She is pursuing an M.S degree in Structural Engineering (pronunciation)

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