Punctuations in English writing

Rules for Punctuation marks in English

Punctuation is an essential component of effective writing. It is extremely important for making your writing more clear and improper use of punctuations can make your writing difficult to understand or read. So, it’s important to know how to use these punctuations (colon, semi-colon, hyphen, etc.)

Once again, I have this great infographic from Grammar.Net and they clearly explain how to use these punctuation marks. I have added my extra notes to make it more clear.

[Infographic provided by Grammar.net]

Further explanation for Writing Punctuation marks in Written English

1. Full Stop (Period):

The full stop is used to mark the end of a imperative sentence. It separates one sentence from the other. It is always followed by a capital letter.

2. Comma (,):

– to separate series of same part of the speech

Farm, a bullock cart and tools are his resources.

– to separate clauses which are not restrictive in meaning

Roam, with all its glory, is one of the most preferred tourist destinations.

– For some linkers

According to me, the authority should stick to strict guidelines when issuing driving licence.

If you want to pass the test, you will have to work hard.

Although it was challenging, he took up this task and gave his 100 per cent.

3. Semicolon (;)

– it is used to connect two separate sentences that might have been two different sentences but are closely connected in thought.

Note: Semi-colon is not followed by a capital letter if the word is not a proper noun.

The papers was very easy; all the students were quite satisfied with their performance in the exam.

4. Dash (-):

– it is used to surround a material that is included in the sentence but is not necessary. It can be used instead of comma in certain situations.

Water – the most valuable natural resource – is in short supply.

I hope this cleared your doubts about punctuation marks. Please keep this in mind that these are extremely important when you’re at upper band level around 6.0 or 6.5. These marks can simply increase your clarity and so can result in better writing band score if used properly.

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