English Grammar: sentence types

Sentence types in English language

There are four different sentence types in English. All English sentences fall under four major categories. They are




Complex – Compound sentence

1. Simple sentences

It is a sentence with one totally independent clause. These are just easy sentences.

For example, I love children.

I have already booked an exam date.

2. Compound Sentences

This one contains two or more independent clauses but they are joined by coordinating conjunctions (for, and, or, but, nor, so, yet)

I will have tea, but my uncle would prefer to have a cup of coffee.

Anthony loves Salsa and his wife loves it too, but his cousin George likes ballet.

Here, there are three independent clauses.

Anthony loves Salsa.

His wife loves it too.

His cousin George likes ballet.

3. Complex Sentences

This is the one which is very important from IELTS point of view. This structure would include one independent clause and one OR more dependent clauses.

Global warming is increasing because there are lot more vehicles on the road than ever before.

Main independent clause: Global warming is increasing

Dependent clause: there are lot more vehicles on the road than ever before

While it is true that offenders deserve severe punishment, they should at least be allowed to defend their position in the trial.

4. Complex – Compound Sentence

This type of sentence would involve two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses.

As I am from science background, many people consider me to analyse just about everything but I am not quite good at analysis.


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