English Grammar Lesson: So Vs Such

English Grammar: So and Such Structures

Today, I’m posting this post on important English speaking grammar point. Native speakers of English language very often use “so” and “such” to emphasise their meanings. For, example, they would say something like,

1. London is such a multicultural city. You will find people from all over the world living in the same apartment or may be working in the same building.

2. It’s a beautiful day. It’s so warm that we can sit on the beach all day long.

  • It’s also used in place of “like this

I didn’t realize that it was such a long time.

You won’t find a solution to this problem. There is no such topic in this book.

  • We use it to make comparisons

New York is so far from Texas that you become exhausted after a journey.

I didn’t know it was such a long journey.


How to use so and such in IELTS speaking

IELTS grammar: so and such

You can see how native speakers use these words and how non-native speakers very often differ in this kind of abilities. So, when you’re giving a talk, try using these simple words and sound more like a natural English speaker. But don’t overuse it.

Should I use “so” or “such”?

OK, you should use “such” with nouns.

We always use such + noun


such + adjective + noun

For example, It was such a dirty place.

Japan is such a crowded country that they had to set up their houses underground.


We use so + adjective/adverb

He ran so quickly.

Dhaka is so congested that you’ll often get stuck in traffic jam.

Here is a quick exercise to brush up your grammar of these words.

 Select the proper word for these sentences.

  1. The USA is …… a powerful country.
  2. Barcelona is …….. a beautiful city. You’ll fall in love with its beauty and arts.
  3. He is ….. nosy. He is always trying to know what we’re doing and stuff like that.
  4. Anandita is ……. careful about her office work. She keeps her desk ….. clean.
  5. Marilyn was …….. a beautiful girl that everyone fell in love with her.


Click Show to check your answers SelectShow


Now, as a simple exercise, I’m asking this IELTS-like question. Can you answer this?

What’s so special about the place where you live?

Advice: Use extra emphasis with one of this words to respond to this question. Post your answer in the comments section.

Happy learning!

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