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IELTS Speaking: Books topic

Well, I guess many of you may be reading lots of books for yours studies and some of you may be reading them for your English studies. So, today let’s explore this topic of books and different collocation associated with books. You may come across an IELTS speaking topic for books. You may be asked to talk about a book you last read or your favourite book or maybe a book you didn’t like much.

Try to notice the difference between the two different coloured words. Try and understand the meaning of these useful phrases in English.

I have recently developed my appetite for reading and I have been an avid reader since last few years. I love leafing through some literature and history books about my country and local traditions.

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Leafing through a book


My friends usually call me a bookworm but believe me nothing is more pleasurable than an inspirational novel or a fiction. Yes, I am a real big fan of science fiction and other fiction books. I have recently joined a book club and they offer weekly book tokens which you can exchange for books. I am always on the lookout for something that interests me.

Last week, I got a real page-turner. It was a fictional story of a couple and I really loved it. I was deeply engrossed in the plot. I cultivated reading as a hobby just recently. Previously, I was more into watching movies and documentaries but now I have really become a ferocious reader. Generally, I skim through some of the pages from online libraries and then I decide about buying them.

Improve your English reading skills

In our book club, we do share our books and last month I borrowed a wonderful book of an English author. It was a thriller non-fiction based on the crime cases in London. I absolutely loved the illustrations of the author.

I plan to become an author myself and someday I will publish my own novel. Of course, it’s like building castles in the air but still I am slowly but surely working on it. I have written few pages of my novel and they are actually from my real-life experience. There are lots of editing and proofreading to be done. Then I would probably dedicate few months after this future project. I am still thinking about what would be an appropriate title for it?

By the way, I still love the old traditional form of hardback. I also like paperback but I never prefer to read e-books. I do have my Kindle but I rarely use it. Nowadays, you can find so many e-book readers and it’s fun to have loads of literature in your pocket. Even smart phones feature these e-book readers. So, it is becoming easily accessible for almost everyone.

Did you notice few excellent collocation that native speakers usually use with books? Here are few of them.

Read book, write a book, edit pages, print a book, publish a book, author a book, flick through a book, skim through a book


 What are the different genres of book?

Fiction: thriller, crime, children’s fantasy, science fiction, modern, horror, suspense

Non-fiction: biographies, photography, cookbooks, recipe books, business, finance, politics, travel, documentaries


 You can describe the plot of a book as:

Positively: Realistic, fast-paced, gripping

Negatively: predictable, sketchy, confusing

You can praise a book by saying it:

Action-packed, brilliant, illustrative, a real page-turner, riveting, thrilling, gripping

OR on the negative side,

Boring, predictable, erratic, confusing, rubbish


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