General Training Reading: Free Practice material

General Training Practice Reading test

In this post, I am posting a free material available on the web. This material is official material and it is only useful to learn the kind of questions that can be asked in the IELTS examinations. Practise these tests without any time limits.

This short and simple practice of IELTS reading helps a lot in improving your basic skills. In fact, this is how you practise for the exams. Practise with small paragraphs or passages that do not stress you but that feels like fun.

IELTS reading test information

IELTS Reading


Download all the reading tests here. You can check answers at the end of the pdf file.

Flow Chart Completion Questions

Identifying information

Matching information

Matching Features

Paragraph Headings

Multiple choice Questions

Sentence Completion

Short answer questions

Practice these questions and learn the different types of questions.

Links have been updated!.. Please, let me know if links are dead!

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