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Some recommended IELTS books for authentic practice


In this post, I am going to suggest some of the excellent study resources for the IELTS examinations. IELTS is conducted partly by Cambridge University ESOL examinations. The study books published by Cambridge University or Cambridge English are one of the best textbooks for preparation.

Here are the excellent textbooks by Cambridge

Recommended Cambridge Books

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My first set of recommended IELTS books are Cambridge IELTS Self-Study Books from 1 to 9 are the best study books for IELTS exams. Each book contains basic introduction to the IELTS examinations and the marking system of the IELTS exams. These books contain practice tests for Academic module as well as General Training module.

Usually, all of these books contain 4 Academic tests each and 2 General Training module tests. General Training module tests contain only Reading and Writing sections as Listening and Speaking sections are the same for both versions of the test.

Each book set contains CDs for the audio tracks of Listening tests. These tests are normally in the exact format as the real IELTS tests. The type of questions and the question format and length of audio; just about everything is similar to the real test. So, according to me, these are the best study books. With Writing, they give sample answers of the candidates with examiner’s comments on the essay. There are also model essay for few tests and that may help the learners by giving guidelines of the perfect answer.

Although they have named it as a self-study book, it does not include answer explanations. Probably, this is one drawback. Still, these comes as the most highly recommended resources if you’re preparing for the test.

I believe that first three books had Speaking section in an old manner. After the publication of IELTS 3 Self-study book, the format of Speaking test has changed and the later published books IELTS 4 to IELTS 9 books contain Speaking tests in the present format.

You can easily obtain the copies of these books from eBay or Amazon or any other online shopping sites.

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