IELTS Essay on Car ownership

IELTS Essay – Car ownership

This is an IELTS essay on ownership of cars. It discusses two perspectives as global warming is having negative effects. Car use is under attack as one of the primary reasons for global warning and degrading health conditions.

There is a good deal of evidence that increasing car use is contributing to global warming and having other undesirable effects on people’s health and well-being. What can be done to discourage people from using their cars?

How to control car ownership

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Increasing car usage is largely considered as a potential cause of rising levels of green house gases. Considering its negative impact on the environment, governments and individuals should collectively act to reduce their dependence on cars.

Firstly, it is necessary to consider what motivates people to own a car. Poor standards of public transport and improper schedule of buses and trains are responsible for people owning their private vehicles. This problem could be resolved by improving conditions in the mass transit system. The government should proactively select bus routes considering rush hours and commuters’ needs. People should also welcome such changes and prefer public vehicles rather than driving on their own.

Another way to discourage people from using cars is by spreading awareness about its environmental impact. Schools and colleges, for instance, can support environmental awareness campaigns and global warming and educate people about how they can play a proactive role in lowering air pollution. Such campaigns could help the council by creating general awareness about hazards of exhaust gases and its effect on natural surroundings.

Finally, the government can take strict action to discourage the car owners from using their four-wheelers. The local authority could levy extra road taxes for private vehicle owners. The money collected from these taxes could further be used to improve public transport system. Due to extra costs in terms of road taxes, people would resist using their own luxurious cars unnecessarily.

Overall, it seems to me that individuals and the government ought to behave more responsibly. They should collaborate to and reduce private vehicle use to secure the environment for the future generations.

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Check how the marked adjectives and adverbs add to the meaning of the sentence and more precisely describe the situation. This is a sign of a good academic essay.

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