IELTS Grammar: “Because” and “Because of”

A key Grammar point: Because and Because of

Many students write incorrect sentences in their writing and even use “because” incorrectly. To clarify their mistakes, I’ve written this short post on these useful words.

Both of them are used to show reason for something. Then, what’s the difference?


Because or because of - English Grammar

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Because is a conjunction so it connects two clauses. So, it will have subject and a verb after it.

For example,

1. We couldn’t go out because it rained.

2. Allen didn’t go to party because he was ill.

Because of

This is a preposition and it is followed by a noun or a noun phrase (verb with –ing).

1. We couldn’t go out because of heavy rain.

2. Allen didn’t go to party because of his illness (or because of being ill)

3. The play was postponed because of bad weather.

 Can you spot the difference? Here, The clause in orange shows result and that in green shows reason.

English lesson about "because" and "because of"

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Common Mistakes:

1. Students often write two separate sentences to write “because” or “because of”. You should always include them in a single sentence.

For example,

1. Cyber crime rates have increased during the past decade because of widespread use of the Internet.

2. Cyber crime rates have increased. Because during the past decade the Internet became widespread. This is incorrect.

 3. Because of the increase in the use of the Internet for banking. Cyber crime rates have gone up. This one is also incorrect.

You can see that in the last two sentences, there are two separate sentences. We always write “because” in the same sentence as we did in the first example.


                 2. Another common mistake is that students often add comma before “because”. There should not be any comma if because is put in the middle. If it’s used at the beginning, then there should be a comma.

For example,

Because of bad weather, the match was postponed.

They were looking for an Indian restaurant because they wanted to have Indian curry in their dinner.

They were looking for an Indian restaurant, because they wanted to have Indian curry in the dinner. This is incorrect because of comma (,) before “because”.

I hope you're not making any mistake with them. I hope this post was helpful to you. Please share it if you liked!...
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