IELTS Listening: Different ways of saying numbers

Variety of ways for saying numbers

In English, we have variety of ways to speak up numbers. There are so many ways depending on your native place and even depending on your style.

Ways of saying numbers

Saying numbers correctly in English

Why is it important to know?

In IELTS exam, you will usually have at least one question which will ask you give answer in number. This may be bus number, train number, date, telephone number or simply an ID number. So, it is always best that you practise understanding how different numbers can be said in English conversations, how native speakers say numbers in day to day conversations.

What are the different ways of speaking numbers?

There are number of ways to say a number. For example, let’s take a telephone number 0200 7896

This number can be said as:

Zero two double zero seven eight nine six

Zero two zero zero seven eight nine six

Oh two oh oh seven eight nine six

Different ways of saying “zero”

Did you notice the difference in there? Zero is also spoken as “oh” in English like an alphabet “o”

The two consecutive numbers can be spoken as “double zero

There is also another variation of saying zero in English. That is “nil” but usually it is spoken in scores and probably marking criteria.

Manchester United won the football match by three – nil (3-0)

It is always better if you know all the different ways of speaking a number because in IELTS exam, you may get any of these methods.

Here are some more examples of numbers.

0256 9850 (oh two five six nine eight five oh)

2286 9956 (double two eight six double nine five six)

9875146 (nine eight seven five one four six)

0.05% (nought point nought five percent)

0226 5600 (oh double two six five six double oh)

different methods of speaking numbers

Writing numbers in words

– Another variation of speaking larger numbers

When describing larger numbers it may be spoken as one huge number or simply as million or billion.

400000 can be spoken as four hundred thousand or simply nought point four million.

1904 – nineteen oh four

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