IELTS Listening exercise: Fill in the gaps – Solutions Approach

Try this Listening exercise: The Solutions approach

Today, I’m posting a listening exercise. This is not exactly like IELTS but you need to do some practice with real English talks. This kind of exercise would benefit you more than simply doing practice tests.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Sample listening practice exercise

Listening exercise

Watch the video and do the gap fill exercise at the bottom.

Remember, you can always turn on the caption from the player control at the bottom.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Alex want to move to upper management (1)……… The problem with him is that he doesn’t have (2)………….Thinking about the reasons of problems leaves Alex buried under an avalanche of (3)………….. Alex says that if he had all the confidence he needed, he would be honest with his team while giving (4)…………This novel way of flipping around things is called the (5)………..

Some of the resources to make solutions happen are:

– previous (6)…………

– (7)………….. from other people


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You can also apply this technique for your IELTS success. Be positive about your English study. It takes a long time to study but being positive will give you confidence and will result in quicker and better progress. So, be confident!

Did you get all of them correct? Share your answers here and see the transcript to see where you got it wrong.

Good luck!

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