How to get success? Fun and Interactive video

Being Successful: 8 ways to achieve success

In this post, I am posting a wonderful video about success. How people can get success. This video is adapted from and believe me there are so many amazing resources to learn about success and so many other things on this website.

You know what’s cool? This website posts videos everyday and most of them are created by very good speakers. So, definitely, you can learn a lot from them. Not just language, but you can also learn the presentation skills, the body language, the emotion that they have while presenting their talks. It’s just amazing.

IELTS Listening Practice: How to succeed youtube video

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Although this video looks amusing, the real idea behind this video is absolutely true. You can achieve success by these 8 tools. The most important fact is that these factors also give you success in exams, especially like IELTS exams.

1. Passion

2. Hard Work

3. Practice

4. Focus

5. Push your limits

6. Serve

7. Creativity

8. Persistence


How to turn on the Subtitles for TED videos

The really cool thing about TED videos is that you can turn on the subtitles to any language from the list of languages they support. Please, turn on the subtitles for English if you cannot understand it initially but do try to listen to the whole video.

You can turn on subtitles by hovering over the video and then at the bottom, you will see option for “subtitles (off)”. Scroll down and choose English language.


Alternatively, watch this video on youtube

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