IELTS Listening Information

IELTS Listening Information

In this post, I am giving you basic information about the Listening test and how it is marked. What are the timelines for the test?

IELTS Listening Skill

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IELTS Listening is the same for both Academic and General Training module. In this skill, there are four sections.

The first section is usually a conversation between two people and is the easiest of all the sections. It is mostly a kind of form filling. So, there are maximum chances of getting most answers correct in section 1.

The second section is usually a monologue set in a social situation.

The third section is a conversation among 3 to 4 people and it is one of the most difficult sections. However you get questions in two groups, so you get good enough time to go through questions asked.

However, the fourth section is the most difficult (mostly because there are 10 questions continuously). It is a monologue of academic subject.

Type of questions you may be asked:

In Listening variety of questions are asked like Reading.

Multiple choice questions
Form Filling
Table filling
short answer questions
Flow Charts
Diagram part identification
Note completion
Map Labelling

The listening test takes around 35 minutes in total. The audio-track lasts for around 25 minutes. However, while listening you can write your answers in QUESTION BOOKLET. After completion of audio, you will get extra 10 minutes to transfer your answers to ANSWER SHEET.

Make use of this time and guess any unknown or missed out answers. There are no deductions for wrong answers so it is advisable to fill out all the answers in the answer sheet.

In the next article, we will see how IELTS listening test is scored.

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