IELTS Listening: Great speech by Steve Jobs

If you really want to score well in IELTS, you need to listen to real English conversations. Don’t just focus on English for IELTS examination. When you travel to foreign countries, people will never use those academic kind of English on the streets. Therefore, it is always good to prepare for the challenge of the future and start learning real English and that will definitely help you with your IELTS examination.

Steve Jobs motivational quote

Steve Jobs: Motivating speech


There is no short cut for success and you will have to improve your English level to get your required band score. You cannot get band 7.0 without really learning English. There is no simple trick that will fetch you 6.5 or 7.0 bands on a given day. IELTS is a language testing system and it is created by professional people and it certainly tests your English language skills.

So, let’s start with this motivating video from Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc. It’s a speech given to Stanford university students. In the end, I will discuss few key vocabulary.


Here, Steve Jobs gives three stories of his life and I have collected some of the great vocabulary from his first story. Can you find some other vocabulary from other two stories?

graduate = to get a degree from university

no big deal! = native speakers usually say this to mean that it’s not something special.

drop out = not take part in something, to leave school or few particular classes

pop out (v) = appear suddenly

dorm room = dormitory,  a room with beds for several students. Students are usually given such rooms in the dormitory in university

stumble into = to become involved in something by accident

calligraphy instruction = beautiful handwriting (usually an art) instructions

artistically subtle = subtle here means different, unique, precise. He means to say the typography is artistically subtle.

follow your heart = Here, he means to say that do whatever you like to do, whatever you’re interested in. Follow your heart.

Make your own separate notebook and collect such useful expressions. Revise and use them in your English conversations to use them naturally. Can you find any other expression which I have missed? I’m sure there are many more from this video. Post them in the comments area. I’d be glad to see them.

That’s it folks.

Ciao for now.

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