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Learn English through this motivational video

In this post, I am trying to teach you through this YouTube video. I just love this amazing way to learn a language. You know almost everyone is interested in getting motivated and for that they would just read or listen to any kind of English. Here, I have an excellent video by this amazing YouTube user “Mateusz”. I just love the way he has made this video starting from the great lines from Steve Jobs and then taking it to the next level with some of the movie dialogues with background music.

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Watch this motivational video for learning English language



I would recommend that you first go through this video. It won’t take long. It’s just 6 minutes long. Try to listen to each and every word. Turn on the caption by clicking “Subtitles/CC” button at the bottom of the video player. Watch and enjoy the video first. Then have a look at my explanation of some of the vocabulary. At the end, again watch this video just to better understand and remember these useful phrases for a long time.

This is always the way you should go about learning with my video lessons.

So, here is my list of vocabulary for you guys. Read and understand them.

– down the road:

In the video, there is a sentence that the dots will connect down the road. This means that something positive will happen somewhere in the future.

– follow your heart:

This idiomatic expression means to do whatever you like.

– drown out:

Here, in the video it says: Don’t let the others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. If you drown out your inner voice means you make it less audible. It’s just inner feeling.

– have some ups and have some downs:

This simply means that you’re going to have some good memories or good experience and some bad ones.

– to have a larger vision:

It says: Anybody can have larger vision then (when you’re healthy and when you’re having happy relationships). This means to be hopeful, to be optimistic, to feel good about your future

– under those kinds of circumstances:

In those kinds of situations

– when you get knocked down:

There is some quote like: The real challenge comes when you get knocked down. This is used to say when you fail in a big way, when you get a big blow to your emotions or your business or anything you want to do.

– hold you back

Fear can hold you back from doing something that you know within yourself you’re capable of doing. This means to restrain someone from doing something, to stop someone doing something. The same point is explained with the sentence “it will paralyse you

– discipline and contain your emotion:

This simply means to control your emotion. You need to be in control of your fear or emotion.

– go all out:

This is somewhat difficult for many. This means to go with full power and energy into what you’re doing. This means to go ahead with full energy and enthusiasm.

– stand for:

This is what you stand for! Here, he is trying to convince you this is what you represent.

– live your life with passion:

Live your life with passion

Source: Pastorleonwallace blog

This is a great phrase and this is what I suggest you all to do. Live your life with passion. Live your life with some purpose, some aim, some goal. The same thing is explained with this little phrase “with some drive“. This is something that drives you or motivates you.

So, this is it. With those last few words I can! I can! I can!, I leave you with a message:

Yes, You can! You can! You can!

Ciao for now.

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