IELTS Reading Information

IELTS Reading information you need to know


IELTS Reading is basically an hour long test in which both versions of the test get 3 sections.

IELTS reading test information

IELTS Reading structuring in the exam

For general module, there are total of 5 texts with only the last section containing around 12 questions. The first 4 sections contain around 6-8 questions.
For Academic Module, there are three sections. Each section contains one passage with their different question types. This skill is tested with variety of questions. The test has 40 questions.

Types of Questions you may find in Reading

They include:

Multiple choice questions
Short answer questions (Usually within Maxium of three words long)
Summary/note/table/flow chart completion
Diagram identification
Matching information

Sentence Endings
Paragraph Headings

Identifying writer’s view/claims (Yes/No/Not Give)
Identifying information (True/False/Not Given)

All questions require different strategies and it is always best to try yourself all the available tricks and choose the best suitable technique for you.

Fore more details on this please visit the official website.

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