IELTS Speaking: an electronic gadget you like

In IELTS, you may be asked a cue card about an object. It might be asked in different variations. You might come across this question in following manners.

Talk about an object you like the most

Describe a present you received from someone.


Describe an electronic device you can’t live without


Describe the most useful device you have


Describe something you bought and found very helpful


Speak about an electronic gadget you like the most.

– What it is.

– When and from where did you get it

– What do you use it for

I have described the above question in my answer but with some modifications, you can adapt this answer for any of the above.

So, you may start the topic directly as I’ve done. For this particular topic, I would suggest that you select something as simple as cell phone. You can also prefer to talk about your laptop or anything like that. Choose something that you use in your daily life so that you can speak more on that.

Here’s my sample answer. Remember it looks simple but with perfect pronunciation and proper intonations, you can achieve band 9.0 with this answer. I’ve marked some useful vocabulary in the response.

I’m going to talk about the most useful device I have, my mobile phone. It’s HTC HD2. It’s very slim and black in colour. It’s a smart phone with fine metallic finish.

It was actually a birthday present by my uncle when I turned 21. I think he bought it online as it was easier that way. I was looking for a new mobile and smart phones were new in the market in those days. None of my friends had it. I was the who had it first in my friends circle.

It features fine camera with 5MP lens. You can take some stunning photographs with it. It comes with built in mp3 player, videos and games to enjoy. I use it to stay in touch with my friends and colleagues by text or calls. It has email application and so it’s easy for me to check my emails with just a single touch. I can easily access the Internet from anywhere using mobile data and share my photos and music with my friends on the go. It has become an integral part of my life now and it’s like having the whole world in my pocket.

If you’re asked about an electronic device/gadget, you can include some technology vocabulary. Search a good dictionary and learn the following words / phrases.




Latest devices

An updated version of something

Keep myself up-to-date


As a follow-up question, I would like to ask you this question. Please respond with your ideas in the comments section.

– What features do you have in your mobile phone?

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