IELTS Speaking Information

IELTS Speaking information for new candidates

In this post, I am giving new candidates all important IELTS speaking information. What they can expect in the IELTS speaking test and what are the three different phases of the test?

IELTS speaking lasts for around 11 to 15 minutes. In this test, the examiner asks questions in 3 phases.

IELTS Speaking test structure

The first phase is introductory, in that some general and easier questions are asked to make you comfortable with the formal exam conditions. In this part of the test, the examiner tries to know your general views, typically about routine topics like Work, Study, Home town. Then, he or she will ask few questions about certain topics like movies, trade, globalisation, communication, technology, sports, education, hobbies, shopping, clothes, etc.

In the second phase, you are given a topic on which you will have to speak for 1 to 2 minutes. You will get 1 minute to prepare your talk. You can make notes within this one minute and more importantly, you can check those notes while speaking. The question will always be with you as you will be given a cue card and you can read the question at any time during this part of your speech.

The third phase is a discussion phase. The examiner gets involved and tries to stretch a topic and draws you into a deep conversation. This is really like a two-way discussion with you speaking most of the time and the examiner only comments on your talk to get involved in the conversation.


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