Speaking advice: Use adjectives describing personality

How to describe Personality of a person?


In speaking, you may be asked to talk about a person. For that, you simply need few vocabulary to represent the character of a person. Moreover, it should not simply be a list of adjectives. You need to emphasize his/her character in accurate manner. So, you may be need to add some adverbs to clear your meaning.


Learn to talk about your character

Describing personality

Personality adjectives:

outgoing and friendly: when someone loves making new friends and hanging out with friends

Positive Personality traits:

sociable: again similar to above

creative: when someone makes something that is superb or unthinkable

reliable: you can trust this person for just about anything

clever: smart: brilliant:

self-confident: self-assured

ambitious: determined:

successful, powerful, influential

Negative Personality traits:

nosy: inquiring all the time, interested more in people’s affairs

blunt: one who speaks direct without being diplomatic

stingy: mean, or one who is not generous with money. When someone does not offer to pay bills even if they are very rich

impatient: easily annoyed or irritated by something

short-tempered: temperamental: gets angry on trivial matters


annoying: irritating: boring


You may be aware of many of these words. I’m just reminding you some of these words again. But the point I want to make clear here is that you should not simply give a list of characteristics, you should expand on that. That is what makes a perfect band 7.0 talk for the cue card.

For example, for cue card asking about a famous leader.

Who that person is.

In this particular cue, you can include information about who that person is.

OK, I’m going to talk about my favourite international leader, Mahatma Gandhi. He is called the international hero because he not only brought freedom to India but also gave some very useful practices for the whole world. Belonging to a poor family, he had seen very tough days in his childhood, but everyone knows that he was very determined person. You can clearly see it from his education and his willingness to work without any rewards.

You can see how the red-coloured word  is supported by the next sentence. It also gives extra information and emphasises the point I’m trying to make. This strategy has two main benefits.

1. It expands your talk.

Many students find it extremely difficult to talk for 2 minutes on a given topic. The main problem they have with their speech is that they speak continuously and they do not expand some points like this.

2. It adds coherence to your speech.

When you illustrate some points with simple examples like this, it makes a point more clear in the examiner’s mind. So, it might be a better idea to add simple sentences like this one. Likewise, this also adds to language you produce. The more you speak, the more language you produce and the more chance you have for higher grading.

Describe yourself

Personality adjectives to define what you are


What is your personality like? Are you impatient or calm and composed?


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