IELTS Writing: Grammatical Range and Accuracy

IELTS scoring criteria: Grammatical Range and Accuracy

One of the marking criteria of IELTS writing is Grammatical range and accuracy. That directly means how clearly you can use English grammar and how accurately you’re able to describe your writing.

Writing scoring criteria: Grammatical range and accuracy

What is Grammatical Range and Accuracy?

Grammatical Range:

It is your ability to use and experiment with different kinds of sentence structures. Native English speakers very often vary their way of presentation by varying vocabulary as well as sentence structures and this is what the examiner expect from you. Although not the same level of flexibility, still you should be able to produce different sentences.

What can be done to have these variations?

1. Gerunds: These are excellent sentence structures in general and are very useful in Academic writing. This can be used in almost every essay skillfully.

2. Passives: Passive sentence formation is totally different from “active” structures and they are more suitable for essay writing and even certain academic processes. So, it is a must for achieving band 7.0 or more.

3. Relative clauses: Relative clauses like who, which, what, that, etc might serve a purpose of extending your sentences naturally. That also makes your sentences more formal and more informative.

4. Conjunctions: Conjunctions such as When, while, as, before, after, etc can be used to expand your sentences and can also serve a purpose of making your sentence “Complex”. You really need a variation of Simple, Compound and Complex sentences in your IELTS essay to gain higher band scores. You can see the difference between these sentences here.

I will post more on these sentence structure in near future under English Grammar category.


This literally means that you should be able to produce frequent error-free sentences. For achieving this, you need to have some command over English grammar and its understanding.

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