Sample Essay: Community work Vs Imprisonment

Sample essay about community work

This is an argumentative essay about community work and imprisonment. In this essay, I represent my points of views first about community work and then about imprisonment. I have taken a neutral position with thoughtful arguments.

Some people think it is fair for convicts to spend time in prison as a punishment, while others think that community service would be better for criminals and society. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

Prisons are the place to keep serious offenders in captivity. There is a growing demand of other forms of punishment and community work is considered as a top alternative. In my opinion, each criminal should be dealt individually depending on the seriousness of crime and their potential threat to society.

Community Work vs Imprisonment

Community Work essay


Community service certainly presents a viable option for imprisonment. Maintaining prisoners in jail is very expensive. However, if such prisoners are punished by assigning community labour work, the council will be relieved of that huge financial burden. In this condition, offenders might be required to clean the public places which not only deters criminals but also helps society in a positive manner. Another compelling reason for supporting work in society as a punishment is that it permits them to resettle in the community. For instance, young offenders with petty crime should be given fair opportunity to reintegrate into the society.

Imprisonment Vs Community work



On the other hand, serious criminals who repeatedly re-offend must be jailed. Their behavior is deep-rooted and is less likely to mend. They are potential threat to law-abiding citizens and if freed, they would disturb the balance of the society. Serial killers, for example, in no case should be allowed to roam freely merely by doing trivial social work. Community service is not at all justifiable for their brutality and thus must be locked away in prison. Imprisonment is the only deterrent for such convicts.

From the points outlined above, it is clear that this is not an open and shut case. Every aspect of the case needs to be addressed before sentencing the criminal. Working for society is certainly effective but not in all circumstances.


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