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Sample essay on Investment on Space exploration

In this blog post, I am writing a sample space exploration essay. This essay is band 7.5+ essay as it covers all the points asked in the question. Read this sample essay and analyse it.

Space Research IELTS sample essay

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Many people think that the government should spend money to explore the outer space, while others believe that it’s a waste of public money.

Discuss both views and include your own opinion.

Every year many developed countries spend billions of dollars for space research. While this research carries some hope for the involved scientists, the investment in such research is highly questionable, especially in developing and underdeveloped countries.

There are few reasons for continuing to search the outer space. The first of these is the possibility of finding natural resources which are scarce on our planet. Lack of space is becoming a common concern for many governments and this could be eased if the scientists are able to locate an inhabitable space on other planet. Another possibility is that the extra-terrestrial species may be far advanced in science and medicine. This would be beneficial to us as they may help us find cures for some of the terminal diseases.

On the other hand, there are many drawbacks of spending money on unexplored space. Firstly, it is extremely expensive and requires great technical knowledge. The US government, for example, allocates billions of dollars for their optimistic space projects. This money is largely a burden on tax payers and does not have any direct positive effect on their life.  This money could better be invested for the welfare of their citizens so that the real investors of the money could benefit.

Considering above facts, it seems to me that few western countries are over-ambitious and spend little too much on space exploration. I, personally, believe that many societal problems could be resolved if this amount is diverted towards major problems of a country. Developing and under-developed world, in particular, should never choose to divert their taxpayers’  money toward such projects when they are struggling to meet the basic necessities of their citizens.

Key to Colors:

Blue: these are good band 7.0 vocabulary. You can get more than band 7.0 with such vocabulary.

Orange: This phrases represent my point of view as the question asked me.


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