IELTS Writing task marking explained

How is IELTS Writing marked?

In this post, I’m explaining IELTS writing task marking criteria and the kind of English skills expected from you. IELTS Writing is assessed on the basis of four criteria. These are

Task Response,

Coherence and Cohesion,

Lexical Resource

Grammatical Range and Accuracy.

IELTS writing test structure

Understand the Writing requirements of IELTS

Task Response is simply your ability to answer the question without giving irrelevant information. This shows how closely your answer matches with the question at hand.

Coherence and Cohesion is your ability to move from one point to another without losing focus. This score generally increases by using range of connectives and linkers that joins two sentences logically. Even certain simple linkers like “this” or “it” can be very useful when you want to make your essay more cohesive. We will devote a separate post on how to build coherence. It is how well or how logically your supporting points are connected to each other.

Lexical Resource is simply your ability to use correct vocabulary in a proper manner. The uncommon words and phrases should be used in appropriate manner with variations. For this, you should have writing specific vocabulary and synonyms which you can usually find in the form of Academic Word lists online. You should also ensure that you do not repeat phrases from the question.

Grammatical Range and Accuracy examines your ability to move from one tense to another without losing track of your essay. You should use variety of sentence structures ranging from Simple, compound and Complex to very advanced Inverted or some passive structures. More importantly, you should frame sentences which are grammatically correct.

Here, you can find the public version of IELTS band descriptors, which clearly specifies what qualities you need to get band 9.0, band 8.0 or band 7.0 for IELTS writing. There are two separate versions of band descriptors for IELTS Writing task 1 and task 2.

Study these band descriptors as per your band requirements and focus on the requirements mentioned for the given band score.

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