IELTS Writing: Task Response

Understand IELTS Writing Task Response

This is also referred to as “Task Achievement”.

What is task response in IELTS writing

IELTS Writing Task Response


This means that you respond as per the requirements of the question.

Word count:

First and foremost requirement of task achievement is that you meet the minimum word count for the task. That is 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2. You must not write less than these many words.

Task Response for Academic task 1

For Academic task 1, the question might be asking like summarise, describe or explain table, graph or diagram. The question clearly asks you to identify the key information and make comparisons where relevant.

Task response for General training module task 1

In general training module, there is letter. In this task, you’re supposed to write clear purpose of the letter with all the relevant details as asked in the question and more importantly, you should maintain a proper tone as per the question.

Common mistake:

Many a times, students fail to address the purpose of the letter in the first paragraph and they directly move on to the question. It is absolutely must that we write the aim of the letter in the first paragraph.

Task Achievement for Writing Task 2

In task 2, Task achievement here means responding to all parts of the questions. In addition to that, you need to develop supporting ideas and provide examples and reasons for them.

Common mistake about paragraph writing:

You cannot simple put down ideas in a single sentences. They should be developed fully and explained with an example. For example, in the topics like technology students fail to understand the exact question and they simply note down the advantages or disadvantages. However, simply jotting down them will not fetch you enough for Task Achievement. You need to elaborate your ideas clearly and logically.

You also need to ensure that your opinion is clear throughout the essay.

Common mistake about presenting opinion:

Students mostly give their opinions or do not give their opinion at all. This really confuses the examiner and they do not clearly understand your viewpoint. So, it is my personal advice that you clearly present your opinion mostly in the introduction.


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