IELTS Writing Tip: Use original answer sheets

Writing Tip: Use official IELTS answer sheets

When you’re preparing for writing, it is absolutely must that you prepare well with proper word count to fulfill the basic requirement. You should be able to count the number of words in your answer sheet to ensure that you have written enough in the answer sheet.

Task 2 Writing answer sheet

IELTS Writing Answer sheet sample

Why should you use answer sheets?

In IELTS exam, time is your enemy and you should try to save as much time as you can. In writing, probably you can save few minutes that you would probably use counting the number of words. This is simply straight forward because here you practise in a real answer sheet so you know the number of words you can write in a typical answer sheet.

How can you use answer sheets?

Here, I’m giving you an answer sheet to practise your writing. I would strongly recommend that you take a copy of these files and practise using them before 20 days of your exam. Write around 5-10 tasks in these sheets to get a fair idea of how much you should write. What I mean here is that you should not only write down an essay in it but also count the number of words. Get a good idea of where your count reaches a mark of 270 words so that you can write that much in the real IELTS examination without counting the number of words.

It is necessary that you download both answer sheets separately because the space is arranged differently in both of them. If you need extra sheets, you will be given respect task sheets. For example, if you need extra answer sheet in task 1, you will get identical task 1 answer sheet as an extra sheet.

Download Task 1 answer sheet

Download Task 2 answer sheet

Practise and prepare well!


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