Letter Writing: First Paragraph structure

In this post, I am explaining how you go about writing the first paragraph of a letter. In general training module, the letter may be formal or informal and depending on that the structure of first paragraph varies. Semi-formal falls in between these two and so I will not discuss it here.


Letter writing - producing proper structure

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 Formal letter:

I firmly recommend that you always introduce yourself with a simple sentence or phrase because in formal writing the receiver doesn’t know anything about you.

Always include the purpose of the letter in the first paragraph. Do not start off the letter without stating a clear purpose of the letter otherwise you will be marked down.

Include the details of first point in this paragraph.

I recommend including the details of the first point in this first paragraph. That means you will not have to make another paragraph and you may write 4 paragraph letter (3 points of the letter, 1 reminder or closing paragraph, generally a sentence or two) which are actually enough.

 Informal letter:

Informal letter usually requires different kind of treatment. They are usually written with a small introductory sentence asking for health or greeting them. It really depends on the kind of letter you’re writing. The tone of the letter is really friendly and warm.

Always include one or two sentences asking for general information. Like, How are you?

It’s been a long time since we met.

I hope you’re doing well with your new business.

I hope you’re coping well with your studies.

These are simply examples. Then, proceed with the purpose of the letter.

Follow up with the first point in this paragraph itself. It’s fine if the paragraph is too long and this paragraph will usually be longer because you’re greeting your friend and then also including first point of the letter in this particular paragraph.

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