IELTS Listening tip: Listen to simple podcast

Top Listening Tip: Listen to simple podcast

In IELTS, you’re supposed to listen to English and it is always a good practice if you make yourself familiar with different tones and intonations because the way native English speakers speak is very different from those in non-native speaking countries. Native speakers have a very different tone and rhythm of English.

For a general practice of IELTS listening, I would strongly recommend that you practise listening to English as much as you can. The best English to start with is clearly the easiest ones and I think British council elementary podcasts are the best to start with.


Why listening to simple podcast is better than tests?

When you’re listening to English content while taking the test, you’re mainly focused on finding the answer instead of understanding the conversation. Your primary goal should be to be able to understand normal English conversation. Your ultimate aim is to be able to understand the daily conversation. So, practise understanding them then focus your brain on exams.

It is also stress that causes you to focus less on the English content when you writing a test. So, always listen to English material for fun and start practising real and easy English. Then, proceed further step by step and take a test.

Here, I am giving you a link to download total of 3 series of podcasts. Podcasts are nothing but digital audio tracks with specific material. Here we have a normal day to day conversation kind of podcasts. It is very good as a practice because in IELTS also, you will find such conversations in one or two sections.

I suggest that you download all three series and listen to them at least once and if possible twice. Listen and try to understand every word. If you’re not able to understand clearly, then try to repeat that sentence. This way you will get used to their tone. Although it seems tedious but this is the best way to learn listening.


IELTS Listening Tip: Listen to simple podcast

British Council Elementary podcast for IELTS Listening

Download all podcasts at British council website. This is my personal favourite IELTS Listening recommendation.

There are total of 40 podcasts. I would suggest that you follow the track sequence because that will help you understand the natural English.

Series 1: 10 audio files

Series 2: 10 audio files

Series 3: 20 audio files

Good luck!

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