Making Complaints in Spoken English

Ok, It’s a lesson about how to make complaints. I want you all to make complaints. Perhaps, you all have something to complain about and here I’m giving you some useful phrases that can help you complain about something in life.


English expressions for making complaints

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Show your disliking:

1. Damn it!

Damn it! It hurt me badly.

2. Shit

Shit! I forgot to hand over those documents.

3. I’m sick and tired of…

John, keep your room tidy. I’m sick and tired of your mess.

4. I can’t stand the way you….

Josh, you were quite irresponsible yesterday. I can’t stand the way you treat me these days.

Tom, I can’t stand the way you eat. You’re messing up everything and sadly I’ll have to clean it up.

5. I’m fed up with…

I’m fed up with your blunt speech. You should be little sensible while speaking.

6. That’s absolutely ridiculous

Oh my God! He is absolutely ridiculous. He is going to use the skateboard with just one leg.

7. It’s just unfair

You have taken more money for this piece of item. It’s just unfair.

You have two days to finish your 2000 word essay. “What? It’s just unfair. It’s such a short time.

8. That’s simply unreasonable.

You’re taking the first seats even though you arrived late. That’s simply unreasonable.

9. I hate the way you…

I don’t like it when you play loud music at late night. I also hate the way you dance.

I hate the way you entered in the room without knocking.

Start practising these phrases and make your own sentences and post them here. Practise them in your daily English speaking and use them. Speak English like a native English speaker.


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