Punctuations in English writing

Rules for Punctuation marks in English Punctuation is an essential component of effective writing. It is extremely important for making your writing more clear and improper use of punctuations can make your writing difficult to understand or read. So, it’s important to know how to use these punctuations (colon, semi-colon, hyphen, etc.) Once again, I have this great infographic from Grammar.Net and they clearly explain how to use these punctuation marks. I have added my extra notes to make it more clear. [Infographic provided by Grammar.net] Further explanation for Writing Punctuation marks in Written English 1. Full Stop (Period): The full stop is used to mark the end of a …

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12 more confusing words

In this blog post, you will find 12 most commonly confused words. Many IELTS candidates make mistakes with these words either in terms of spelling or their usage. So, I’m taking this opportunity to show you what mistakes you could make.

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Motivational video with some idiomatic expressions

Learn English through this motivational video In this post, I am trying to teach you through this YouTube video. I just love this amazing way to learn a language. You know almost everyone is interested in getting motivated and for that they would just read or listen to any kind of English. Here, I have an excellent video by this amazing YouTube user “Mateusz”. I just love the way he has made this video starting from the great lines from Steve Jobs and then taking it to the next level with some of the movie dialogues with background music.   Watch this motivational video for learning English language     …

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Coherence and Cohesion in IELTS Writing

This blog post explains the importance of Coherence and Cohesion. How you can build up your Coherence at paragraph level and at essay level.
What actually makes your paragraph and essay cohesive?
All these questions are answered in brief in this particular post.

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Vocabulary: How to talk about books?

This blog post explains how you can speak on the topic of books. In this blog post, I simply comment on my habits of reading and by doing so, I teach some useful collocation and phrases that native speakers would use.

Learn and practise them in you daily English conversation.

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