Which passage is the most difficult in IELTS reading

Difficulty level of IELTS reading

Which passage is the most difficult in IELTS?

Many students ask this question  and there is no simple answer. It also depends on the module you are taking.

This really depends on the module you’re taking. For General Training module, the difficulty level increases as you progress from the beginning. Third passage is usually the toughest one.

However, if you’re taking Academic module, many students still say that the last article was the most difficulty, whereas others think that all of them were equally difficult. I believe all articles are of the similar difficulty level. However, as you proceed through the reading test, your brain feels more stress and becomes unable to focus on reading tasks, so you might feel that the last one was the most difficult one. 

How to overcome this problem?

To overcome this issue, you need to practise reading for at least an hour and deliver the same performance for an hour. Practise reading for long hours. See how it goes. Before taking real IELTS test, practise simulating the test conditions at home in order to be ready for the test.

Good luck.

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