How to improve your reading skills

Advice on how to improve your reading

In IELTS, second section is reading. In reading test, you are given three long passages to read and you are supposed to answer 40 questions, all of which tests different techniques. In this post, I’m trying to give you some fundamental guidelines on how to improve reading skill.

How to improve your reading

Reading advice: how to improve

These questions are really tricky and non-native speakers may find them extremely difficult. However, that does not mean they are impossible to answer. In fact, many students get band 9.0 in this section. And why should you worry when you have answers in front of you? You just need to find the exact answer for it. The answer is always there in the text, you simply need to understand the question and location the section in the reading passage where that particular information is give.

When it comes to preparing, it is essential that you study different kinds of text to make your brain better understand English language. In short, you should practise wide range of social topics as well as some basic academic topics. For this, you could visit some of the excellent article websites. Wikipedia, Amazon products reviews, IMDb movie reviews are some of basic resources you could refer. Although these online websites do not provide exactly IELTS-like reading, they are useful while you’re preparing (especially at the beginning) because the first thing you need is a kind of reading, casual reading for fun.

Engage yourself in whatever you like to read. Let your brain become comfortable with English structures. Even simple reading like this article can help your reading abilities as you’re constantly reading authentic and natural English.

If possible, move your finger to the reading text. If you’re reading e-books, then it’s almost impossible to move your finger through the text. I suggest you do it because while your finger is moving, your brain is forcing you to move along the finger. That way you c

In future, I am going to post more and more online places which are readily accessible for your reading preparation. As a beginner, these review websites are extremely cool and fun to read. In fact, it may be interesting to read because you may want to know about a movie or just any other product on Amazon. This way you’re improving your speed for English content.

I will be posting more on reading in the near future.

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