Recent IELTS Question – February 2017

Recent IELTS Question from 11 February 2017 in India


Here is a task 1 complete question from 11 February 2017 Academic Module in India. This question was shared by one of my students. You can practise this one.

IELTS in India

Writing Task 1:

The diagram below shows a simple construction of water filter and how it functions.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Recent IELTS Writing task 1

Water Filter academic task 1


Although, this question seems quite easy, it is little bit demanding. You will have to mention and write 150 words. Try yourself and see how many words do you write?


Writing Task 2:

In many countries, mobile phone use is considered antisocial like smoking. Mobile phone use should be banned in public places just like smoking.

To What extent do you agree?

Give details and examples to support your ideas.


This is the part two question for IELTS writing task in India for Academic module

Note: One clear note that I would like to make for easy questions is that whenever you find an easy question, be cautious because it is very easy to get carried and write irrelevant content in the essay. Many students might write the negative consequences of mobile phone. Although, some of them might be relevant, not all relate to this topic. You can write only those topics which seems to affect society. So, please keep that in your mind. I suggest you try out both of them and post your responses here so that others can also learn from your essay.

Good luck!

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