Recent IELTS questions – 27 February 2016

Recent IELTS Questions in February 2016


Here are some of the recent IELTS questions I have found from few of my followers.

IELTS questions that have been asked in the past

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Speaking Exam:

IELTS Speaking in Azerbaijan

Part 1
Where do you live?
Tell me something about your room. Is it small or large? What equipment do you have in there?
Do you have any park in your city?

Part 2
. Describe a family not your own that you like
– whose family this is
– Where they live
– Who are the family members
– Explain why you like this family

Part 3
In a typical Indian family who plays the leading role?
In India, what kinds of family members usually live together?
Do young and middle-aged people live with old people?
Do grandparents educate their grandchildren in your country?


IELTS Speaking in Indonesia

Part 1
about hometown and what you like from your country,

Have you visited many parts of your country?

How did you usually go there?

In what ways your country have changed in the past decade?

Part 2

Talk about a time when you had to make a difficult choice.

You should say:
– What that choice was and when?
– Why is it difficult?
– What was the outcome of the choice you made?
and explain if there were any consequences?

Part 3

What are some of the difficult choices that people need to make in their life?
Who do you ask for advice to choose that choice?
Do you think children do not listen from their parents anymore?What is the reason for that?
If you have to make  a choice between money and freedom, what do you think most people from your country would choose? Why?

Writing Test:

Writing test in Australia


A chart shows five tourist attraction in European countries between 1981-2001. We were asked to report all the major changes.


More and more young people from wealthy countries do unpaid work for poorer countries such as teaching and building houses.
Why these young people want do this?
Do you think these type of work benefits young people or communities.

Writing Test in Azerbaijan

Task 1:

It was a line graph about different types of technology in the UK household from 1997 to 2001. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.




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