Recent IELTS questions 28 February 2015

Recent IELTS questions February 2015

Here are some of the questions my students and facebook followers shared with me.

Questions that have been recently asked

Past questions in IELTS Writing

IELTS in UK (Academic)


Part1: about a holiday
part2: a venture in the desert
part3: a discussion about 2 students on heel injury
part4: someting about pyrolisation


passage 1: something about concentration
passage 2: dont remember
passage 3: about a entrepreneur programme


Task 1:

The given chart describes the percentage of expenditure on total spendings in five different age groups for three categories, which are restaurant & hotels, foods and entertainment in 2004. There was rising trend of expenditure on restaurant & hotels and the opposite trends for the other categories. In age group more than 70, there was drastic drop of feature in entertainment factor.

Task 2:
Students usually take a year off from studying between schools and university in order to work or travel. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?



Discuss a museum that you recently visited:
– when you visited
– what it was for
– who were with you
– how you felt after the visit.

IELTS Test (General Training)


– safari race
– a conversation between two students and a tutor regarding a marketing project
– boys and girls education


1. library employee instructions
2. letter to a sick worker
3. about a Norwegian band


Task 1:

It was a letter to a friend about spending a short holiday in a friend’s city. Getting to know from him about interesting locations and accommodation.

Task 2: 

Some people think is better to be self-employed than working in a company or institution. Discuss both points of view and give your own opinion.


Cue card:

A friend you consider to be a good leader.
Discussion about leadership, managers, qualities of a good leader

IELTS in Bangladesh (Academic)


Task 1 : process

Electricity generation from one type of coal.
The diagram shows following sequences:
Mine- coal- crusher- gasifier with heat- gas- cooling- gas power chamber in which heat gets removed- gas power plant- electricity supply to houses and towers.


In many countries, few people are highly paid and are extremely rich. Some people think that it is better for the country, others say that government should restrict salaries and should not give more than a certain amount.
Discuss both views.


I hope this post will be helpful to prospective IELTS test takers. Please share it in your circle for other IELTS test cadidates.


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