IELTS Questions in Russia – Academic IELTS January 2015

Some IELTS Questions in Russia

This is what Maria shared with us by an e-mail. I am very much thankful to her for sharing these recent questions with us for future IELTS test takers.

IELTS questions that have been asked in the past

Post about Recent IELTS question


Listening was quite easy, understandable, only the problem – it’s first part of exam and due to stress, I was struggling to realize I’m actually at the IELTS exam centre!!

These were the topics of IELTS test.
1) renting an apartment, address and number, price, location, basic needs – quite common questions

2) description of engineering machine and it’s parts were shown in the picture!! (A bit difficult because of specific technical terminologies)

3) can’t remember

4) Australian nature species under danger the reasons for that and so on


Difficult! I did only a half properly but the rest just guessed in the last few minutes because my time management is so poor: (a lot of true or false and answer the question using three /two words, also those killer multiple choice questions! Topics for reading were:

1)Nobel prize

2)post-war measures of British government to develop the agricultural industry (I simply couldn’t understand what author is trying to say)

3)how strong have digital technologies penetrated in the modern life, especially in sales of music and games, big text with too many details


It was very first time in my life that task 1 was more difficult than task 2 question.

Task 1 (Academic)

Four bar charts giving information about clothes import in USA and Japan in both 1995 and 2000.

Task 2

Let’s take a look at what was asked in recent essay writing question.

Experts tend to believe that walking is the best exercise for health; however people seem to be walking less nowadays. Why do you think this is so? How can people be encouraged for walking more?


Part 1: The general ID check questions.

Do you work or are you a student?

What is your major?

What is the importance of trees?

How do they impact cities?

Are there any parks in the place you live?

Part 2: Describe a  movie you like the most.

When and where did you watch it.

With whom did you watch?

What was it about?

Part 3: How movies have been changed from the past?

How will movies in the future change due to technological progress?

What is more important an idea or technologies of movies?

how films and cinema in general can influence children?

Good luck to everyone whose IELTS is right around the corner!



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