Should we use pen or pencil for IELTS exam?

What should we use in exam? Pen or pencil?

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Many students get confused about using pen or pencil in the IELTS exams. As a matter of fact, you can use either pen or pencil as per your likings but personally, I suggest that you use pencil, that too little bit lighter so that you can correct your mistakes and the essay does not look awfully unclear.

Every time your correct an essay, it leaves some black marks on the paper and it becomes difficult, even for the examiners to read. So, always try to use lighter pencil, one which can produce readable hand-writing and it really depends on your style of writing which one is the best. It depends on your hand pressure, so use a pencil suitable for you.

I recommend using pencil because if you write with a pen and if you correct your mistakes quite often. Your essay may be filled with so many mistakes that it becomes difficult to follow. Under such circumstances, there is a chance that you may lose marks because the examiner did not notice some of the words written in between.

So, my best advice is that you use PENCIL ONLY in the examination.


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