Practice Speaking on your own

How can you practice speaking yourself?

Here, I’m advising you to practise speaking with yourself and preparing on your own. This post is a guide on how you can do this.

IELTS speaking is one of the most difficult part of the exam for many non-native speakers. Even with those people who have lived around two years in an English speaking countries, they also find it really difficult to speak continuously in a fluent way. The primary reason for this is that their spoken language in a day to day communication is very much limited by the kind of work they do, or by the people they meet.

To solve this problem, I’m giving you straight suggestions to start talking to yourself and learn to think of a situation (almost any) in English.

Practice by Speaking to yourself

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Talk to yourself

The best way to practice yourself is to ask certain questions when you are alone and travelling or doing something else. Whatever you’re doing, ask yourself certain questions. Ask easy questions like What am I doing here? When will I reach to my destination? Think of possible answers in your mind.

If you’re going to meet one of your friends then think of questions like “How am I going to interact with him?”

What am I going to talk to him?

Learn to think in English

Even if you are meeting someone from your own country, at least think that you’re going to communicate in English. What this practice does is that it makes you think everything in English. This really helps you improve your fluency. Many students complain that they do not get ideas and words that quickly. This is mainly because they never had thought about certain topics.

When you think about a topic and even if you do not get a particular word, the next time when you come across that word, the previous brain-storming will help your remember this one. It will be stored in your long-term memory.

So, from now onwards, practice whenever you’re alone or commuting. Yes, people may think that you’re crazy and talking to yourself but that’s how you learn the most.


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