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Today, I’m just giving you reference to two of the very best websites to help you improve your reading speed. Of course, your reading test involves lots of reading with accurate comprehension. This task is difficult even for native English speakers. To crack this section of the test, you need faster reading speeds because if you can complete reading quickly, you will have more time to spend on understanding the question and clearly understanding the passage.

Improve your English reading skills

Better English Reading


Here are two websites with excellent reading practice.


This is reading speed developer website. It is free at the moment but I’m sure that in the near future, this site would start offering premium or fully paid services. This site also gives you best advices and even explains how you can develop your reading speed in a natural way and permanently. It is especially great because you can keep track of your progress report. They give you report in terms of number of words read and speed in Words per minute. So, you will see your progress in your account.


This is a free resource to help you develop your reading speed and I guess this website has been free throughout its life. It is one of the oldest website which included idea of speed reading online. The cool thing here is that you can increase or decrease the speed of the content and you can read whatever you like.

Just copy the content and click “start prompter”. You can also adjust the size of the text, screen size, colors. Here is a video about how to use Cueprompter

I will surely be posting more on how to increase your reading speed. But, please be noted that it is a slow process. You will surely improve but gradually. So, be patient and enjoy the process!

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